It’s no secret that we work with clients of all shapes and sizes throughout Hertfordshire, Essex and London. In fact, AG Surveying provides quantity surveying and estimating support to independent property developers, small building firms, large construction organisations, homeowners and clients of the rail industry.

Our client portfolio is more diverse now than ever before, which indicates a shift in the behaviours of construction experts away from a ‘do it yourself’ approach, toward a tendency to employ cost management experts for high value and/or higher risk projects.

Savvy construction experts are seeing the benefits of professional cost management services

Some of our smaller construction experts and homeowners approach us having never engaged a professional quantity surveyor before.

Many of these individuals are cautious about engaging quantity surveying or estimating services, predominantly because of either a lack of transparency around costs or a lack of understanding as to how heavily involved – or not – a commercial team will be in the management of their project.

AG Surveying believes that the reason for this is that before recent times, quantity surveyors and commercial management consultancies were associated solely with large, big budget construction projects that involved numerous subcontractors and contracts, and that took a long time to completion.

But the quantity surveying landscape is changing.

Some of our longest standing clients are small, independent building contractors with unbeatable knowledge of their trade but who lack the in-house skills to effectively and competitively price works to win jobs and remain profitable.

Some of our medium sized construction clients have a good track record of winning contracts but lack the in-house resource to effectively cost manage the project throughout, which ultimately results in a job losing the company money.

And for larger construction clients, we typically provide full commercial management services on a project, end to end – usually because of a lack of in-house resource or skill gaps.

For many of our small building clients, we tend to work closely with them to price works and win jobs. We then hand the project over to them, with clear guidance on what allowances have been made for spend in each area.

Tailored estimating and quantity surveying services to suit every client and project

AG Surveying has put together clear and transparent packages to help split our most popular services into bronze, silver, gold and platinum packages.

For our clients, being able to select a service that suits their requirements makes the process of employing Professional Quantity Surveyors and Estimators more enjoyable.

So why do our clients choose us?

We are regularly recognised for being transparent, professional and for tailoring our commercial management services to the specific needs of each client and project, whether large or small.

If you are in need of cost management support, do not hesitate to contact the AG Surveying team today for a free, no obligation discussion.