Meet the AG Surveying team


Anthony Fitzpatrick


Bio: Anthony is a qualified Quantity Surveyor with over 12 years' experience in cost managing large and small building and civil engineering projects, ensuring all works are procured and delivered within budget.

Strengths: Procurement and subcontract account management.

Superpower: Patience… especially when suffering through 4 hours of misery on the golf course.

Weaknesses: Seemingly believing that there are more than 24 hours in each day when it comes to workload management.

Super-flaw: The aforementioned lack of golfing ability despite spending an unhealthy amount of time at the driving range.

Greg Thabit


Bio: Greg is a highly driven Surveyor and Commercial Manager with 14 years’ experience of working on technically challenging projects within the construction industry.
His experience working within Consultancy, Subcontractor and Main Contractor environments has equipped Greg with a multi-faceted view of the opportunities and risks pursued and managed by different stakeholders.

Strengths: Attention to detail and the ability to easily identify risks and opportunities.

Superpower: Ability to eat most things in dangerously large volumes.

Weaknesses: I think everything should be done on Microsoft Excel.

Super-flaw: My wife says I don't listen... apparently.

Dan Parker

Senior Quantity Surveyor & Estimator

Bio: Dan has a degree in Civil Engineering and over 7 years’ experience as a Quantity Surveyor, working on everything from small projects for a marble contractor to large projects for London Underground. It's Dan's job to make sure that every project is carried out within budget and that the client is always getting good value for their money.

Strengths: My unbridled enthusiasm to crack on with things (I try really hard with everything I do) and excellent problem solving abilities.

Superpower: I’m pretty good at jumping off buildings - genuinely.

Weaknesses: Underestimating the amount of time some tasks take.

Super-flaw: Being able to say no when people ask me for help.

Gabriel Sosa

Project Quantity Surveyor & Estimator

Bio: Gabriel possesses an MSc in Construction Project Management and over 4 years experience of managing residential and commercial developments, including hotels, hospitals and fit-out projects. Results driven and self motivated, he is always looking for a way to improve cost and times frames.

Strengths: Strong work ethic and a proactive person - I'm always looking for opportunities to improve my work.

Superpower: Friends and family consider me to be a great cook.

Weaknesses: My colleagues say I talk too much but when I'm quiet they make me talk. Their weakness or mine? You decide.

Super-flaw: My girlfriend says I make a lot of corny jokes...

Alejandro Rodriguez

Intermediate Quantity Surveyor & Estimator

Biography – Alejandro has a Civil Engineering degree with a MSc in Construction Project Management. With over 5 years' of experience in the construction industry, he has developed a great eye for detail and the ability to solve problems under pressure.

Strengths at work – Great communicational skills and being proactive.

Strengths (unrelated to work) – Very good with sports and friends consider me to be a good listener.

Weaknesses at work – Too optimistic with time management.

Weaknesses (unrelated to work) – Overthinking.

Jamie Parker

Assistant Quantity Surveyor & Estimator

Bio: Jamie is a keen member of the team who has a passion for learning and is thoroughly enjoying finding his way in the construction industry. Jamie is a wiz kid on computers, especially using measurement software and excel. 

Strengths: Taking pride in his work and ensuring all work is done to high standard.

Superpower: Singing in the shower & office.

Weaknesses: Being afraid to make mistakes.

Super-flaw: Door frames under 6’8.