Detailed Design Stage

Supporting clients through RIBA Stage 4 - The Detailed Design Stage

AG Surveying supports clients in the Detailed Design Stage (RIBA Stage 4) by further developing the information required to manufacture and construct the building, ensuring that Design Programmes are comprehensive and cover all elements of the works.

Procurement of Building Works

We support clients in the procurement of building works by undertaking the following key tasks:

  • Preparing Contract Documents
  • Preparing Preliminaries documents
  • Preparing Collateral Warranties
  • Preparing Pricing Schedules
  • Analysing Tenders
  • Executing Contracts

Detailed Cost Plan

At this stage, further detail can be added to the Stage 3 cost plan, with our team of Quantity Surveyors reaching out to specialist contractors for prices if required. At the Detailed Design Stage, we would like the cost plan to be both comprehensive and accurate to ensure all costs are captured before we enter the construction stage of the project.


Value Engineering

Value engineering is an essential part of the Detailed Design Stage. Our team will analyse the materials and components so far included in the project in an attempt to lower costs without compromising on performance or project outcome.

Cash Flow

AG Surveying will at this stage conduct a cash flow analysis and begin to closely monitor spend on the project.

Detailed Programme of Works

Our team can further develop the Stage 3 Programme of Works, adding an additional layer of detail by dividing the programme into more specific components such as design, procurement, pre-construction and construction tasks, as well as identifying risks to the programme and recommending how to mitigate such risks.

The benefits of working with AG Surveying in the Detailed Design Stage

AG Surveying’s experience in working on projects varying from (VALUE X) to (VALUE Y) from (stage x to stage y) (Give example) proves the value that we can add to the design process.

A Responsibility Matrix (often produced at Stage 1) ensures that roles and responsibilities are clearly defined from the offset, and removes ambiguities around what the design or construction teams have allowed for in their pricing.