Quantity Surveying at The Feasibility Stage

Engaging the expertise of a Quantity Surveyor at the earliest stage of a construction project is the best way to ensure a solid foundation is set, thus increasing the likelihood of a smooth running, profitable project.

Working closely with both the client and architect, AG Surveying will provide guidance in relation to budget and project feasibility, and establish accurate cost parameters that are tailored specifically to the unique requirements of each project.

Feasibility Cost Advice

AG Surveying will undertake feasibility studies and complete cost modelling exercises to help inform decision making and ultimately guide the strategic direction of a project.

Typical feasibility exercises conducted by a Quantity Surveyor are as follows:

  • Determine Client Requirements
  • Develop Business Case Appraisals for feasible options including review of Project Risks and Project Budget
  • Recommend option that best delivers Client Requirements
  • Undertake Site Appraisals

Our experienced team of Quantity Surveyors will look at initial project budget and cash flow forecasts to assess the viability of the project and recommend adjustments before it moves to RIBA Stage 2. Particularly for large and complex projects, this process is essential in ensuring optimum project development and in minimising design-alteration delays.

Procurement Advice

AG Surveying provides Procurement advice at RIBA Stage 1 to ensure that the project is

procured via a route that is in the client and projects best interest. We will help ensure that

any risks and opportunities are identified and managed early with responsibilities clearly detailed from the outset.

Construction Technique & Material Cost Advice

Our team of Quantity Surveyors is well placed to advise on materials and construction techniques that align with the client’s budget constraints, enabling architects and designers to create a design that is both accurate and viable.

The team can also advise on sustainable material options in support of environmental objectives.

The Benefits of Working with AG Surveying from RIBA Stage 1

When AG Surveying is involved at the earliest stage of a project, the client is guaranteed to receive more accurate budget guidance, which helps set realistic and achievable design objectives objectives, as well as sound procurement advice that will structure both a project team and risks optimally.

This unified understanding of budget and project objectives ensures that all parties are on the same page from the very beginning of a project, increasing the likelihood of a successful project outcome.