Quantity Surveying for Local Builders

AG Surveying has been working with local builders for many years, and as such, we have developed a ‘tried and tested’ pricing system that allows us to price works in a detailed and thorough manner, and at a cost that suits local builder budgets.

The benefits of engaging a Quantity Surveyor to price works

The level of detail we go into when pricing works will far exceed that of any other consultant or builder and give both you, as the builder, and your client a very good level of protection and clarity around what has been priced, what hasn’t been priced, what provisional sum allowances have been made and much more.

This level of detail will help ensure that there are no awkward conversations or misunderstandings around what has been allowed for and to what extent.

As well as providing both you, as the builder, and the client with a good level of protection, the detail and clarity we provide when we price works also makes it a lot easier to assess, understand and agree upon the value of any changes that occur along the way.

As an example, we state allowances made for materials such as internal doors and ironmongery, so that when it comes to the final door being selected and bought, it is easy to demonstrate and understand if the cost has gone up or down and by how much.

How our pricing system works

The system we have set up requires a survey questionnaire to be completed by you as the builder when you visit the property, to extract the project specific information we need to be able to easily price the project with your clients’ requirements and site constraints in mind. 

For example, we will ask if any foundations requiring excavating can be reached and excavated by machine, or whether they need to be hand dug, and whether the waste will be put into a skip or is able to be stored and collected by a grab. 

Depending on the answers you give, our pricing system has different labour, plant and waste allowances for these different eventualities as the cost of excavating and disposing of the foundations will vary significantly depending on the answer to these questions. 

We will not just price on a typical rate as others often would, and instead ensure the price reflects how you will actually be undertaking the work as determined by our project-specific survey questionnaire.

All of our full workings, including labour, material, plant, subcontractor, waste and overheads and profit allowances per item of works will be presented to you for sign off before a succinct, client-friendly version is created, with your logo added and sent to you, fully prepared for you to send to your client.

Our quotation template also includes a set of standard qualifications to protect you as the contractor, further clarifying works you may have not allowed for and the basis of your offer. If you have set payment terms and / or qualifications that you would like us to add then we can add these in as well.

Our pricing system is always being improved upon and developed with rates, which are reviewed and updated periodically.

Fixed fee pricing for local builders

Due to how streamline our pricing system is, we can confirm fixed fees to provide detailed quotations to local builders on the premise that the works are of a non-complex nature with only a handful of drawings to work from. 

Please see below our fixed fee pricing structure based on our questionnaire being completed and returned prior to us starting to price the works:

  1. Single or two storey extension to one side - £300 + VAT
  2. Loft conversion - £325 + VAT
  3. Single or two storey extension to two sides - £350 + VAT
  4. Single or two storey extension with loft conversion - £385 + VAT

We can, of course, also help on complex projects that come with a number of complex drawings and detailed specifications, however we must confirm our fees for these on a project-by-project basis.