Estimating for Subcontractors

Supporting subcontractors in a way that suits you

Unlike many Quantity Surveying Consultants, our team has experience working for all types of Subcontractors, including: Drylining, Groundworks, Venetian Plastering, RC Frame, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, Mastic and Firestopping Contractors.


Working within Subcontractor environments

We are able to fully integrate ourselves into Subcontractor organisations and pride ourselves on working collaboratively with all team members.

We can communicate via your own, in-house email systems to ensure continuity of service with clients and / or supply chains and we are typically given full access to servers and relevant commercial / accounts systems in order to produce and provide full commercial CVR reports.

How we work with Subcontractors

From some Subcontractors, we act as an overflow of their existing Estimating or Commercial team. For others, we act as the Estimator and Quantity Surveyor for certain, key customers on their more complex projects. In some instances, we are appointed to take on the role of an entire Estimating or Commercial department.

We are able to work on a fixed fee basis subject to agreeing a fixed scope of services, or on an hourly rate timesheet basis (whichever is preferable to you). We are also able to price on your templates or our own, and can be very flexible with how we undertake and present our work.

Estimating for Subcontractors

AG Surveying's Estimating team can design and set up bespoke pricing systems for subcontractors. We spend time upfront with the client developing a comprehensive schedule of rates and a process to help efficiently calculate costs and sale prices for their repetitive elements of work.

We'll then produce a template to automate calculations for all relevant future tenders. The template will automatically populate the majority of quotes with the input of project-specific measurements.

This system means that we are able to return a high volume of tenders for the client with minimal to zero involvement from the busy client themselves.

This system has vastly reduced time and cost to the client whilst ensuring that they are familiar with how the projects are being priced and are satisfied with the tenders being submitted.

Bespoke and complicated projects often need rates to be reviewed and revisited, or for works to be costs on a first principle labour, plant material basis which we can also advise on and assist with.

Ultimately, we are here to work with you and your systems, and are happy to tailor everything we do to suit your business needs. Our business is built on repeat work, and we always insist our engagement is made clear from the start to guarantee the product and service we provide exceeds your expectations.

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