Estimating Service Options for Building Contractors

AG Surveying has devised a range of Estimating packages for Building Contractors pricing Residential Extensions.


Choose a package that best suits you and the works you're pricing for; whether you're looking for fast, no fuss Estimating support or are keen on working closely with a professional Estimator to develop detailed Price Estimates and receive one-to-one tender support.

bronze package






This is a builders package and is suitable for works up to plastered finish only. It's our most basic package which is best suited to contractors who're looking for level one estimation support without the need for site visits or meetings. Full breakdown of Bronze package.


silver package






The Silver package includes a comprehensive Project Estimate to final finish and is best suited to contractors seeking more detailed Estimation support but without the need for site visits or meetings. Full breakdown of Silver package.


gold package estimating






Go for Gold if you're seeking a full, detailed Project Estimate and would like to work closely with our professional Estimating team. 

Your appointed AG Surveying Estimator will work with you to understand each element of the works and will then obtain and manage subcontractor quotes on your behalf to build you your final price. We'll arrange a final meeting with you to review all details of the price before issuing to your client. Full breakdown of Gold package.


platinum estimating package






The premium Platinum package includes a full, detailed Project Estimate and one to one support with an appointed AG Surveying Estimator.

You'll enjoy all the benefits that come with the Gold package but in addition, your appointed Estimator will be involved in site visits where necessary and will be available for any queries throughout the Estimating and tender submission process.

The Platinum package is ideal for the pricing of large or high value tenders or for tenders that the client is confident that they can win (and therefore wants to ensure accurate pricing from a profitability perspective).

Full breakdown of Platinum package.

Important information

AG Surveying has devised a comprehensive bill template upon which we will price your work. If you request for your project works to be priced in a different format or on another consultants bill then this will incur an additional fee. Unless stated when we send over our fee proposals, our fees will always be based on us using our own bill template.

Your local Estimating team

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