Silver Estimating Package

Our Silver package is ideal for Developers looking for a detailed budget price and substantial Estimating support. Here is what's included.

Package Inclusions

  • Detailed review of all design information, making clarifications and raising queries to ensure what we are pricing is understood and defined in our pricing schedule. 
  • Undertake detailed measure of groundworks, external walls, landscaping, burried services, all wall floor and ceiling finishes and substrates
  • Measure total areas of roofs, lengths of fascias/soffits, gutters, downpipes and skirting
  • Schedule out all internal works and quantify per number
  • Allow provisional sums for all specialist materials that is not regularly purchsed by building contractor and costs are not known with certainty
  • For general building materials, skips and muck-away price based on approximate market rates
  • Allow provisional sums for all elements being subcontracted out
  • Where works are being undertaken in-house, or when we have been unseccusful obtaining subcontractor prices we will estimate costs based on approximate all in market rates for the works
  • List of clarifications and exclusions to be provided
  • No site visit or meeting with client.