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AG Surveying offers a range of Procurement solutions to clients, enabling you to tailor your requirements to our service provisions.

Procurement specialists in Ware

Here are the primary Procurement solutions we offer to local clients in Ware and businesses throughout Hertfordshire and Essex...

  1. Procurement Schedule: we can compile and manage a Procurement Schedule to ensure that all packages are procured on-time (in line with your project programme), and that all internal responsibilities associated with procurement are clearly allocated and communicated to individuals.
  2. Recording developments: we'll minute actions and update and re-issue your procurement schedule in line with any developments.
  3. Preparing Scope of Works / Bills: we will research your project requirements, arranging site inspections where necessary and consulting with the design team and end client. We'll project manage each subcontractor / trade to ensure that the scope of works is comprehensively written up – paying particular attention to interfaces between trades to ensure that nothing is missed. This diligent management enables quotations to be sourced and compared on a like for like basis, and we are able to identify any missing elements easily. Our aim is always for us to ensure that all project / package specifics (working hours, working environment, methodology, access / logistics, scope of works and the like) are suitably captured and communicated during the tendering process.  

The intention is that as far as realistically possible, subcontractor ‘EXIT’ costs (Final Account) = ‘ENTRY’ costs (Original Order Value) – except where any bonafide variations are instructed and agreed.

4. Identify risks and opportunities: risks and opportunities need to be identified so that they can be managed. These will be captured and communicated on the procurement schedule as a minimum with ownership being given to each item.

5. Ensure prices are received for all all foreseen eventualities that may arise so that the exposure and competitiveness of the costings for these eventualities are confirmed in a competitive environment.

6. Subcontract Agreement: AG Surveying can put together a template form and subcontract agreement for each new project to an acceptable standard (as agreed by you, the client).

7. Extensively analyse and compare tender returners to the point where all subcontractors have priced for exactly the same parameters.

8. Arrange, chair and minute Post Tender Meetings with selected subcontractors and compile concise, legally binding and detailed minutes.

We're on hand to support your Procurement needs - no matter how complex or straightforward.

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